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Easiest Way To Protect Your PC / Mobile From Malware & Virus

Is it compulsory to watch Avdvetsitement on any website? Absolutely Not. We all know that when we browse any website, most of the websites contains Advertisement.

Many time you have seen banner (Ads) related to your search. Sometimes we get irritate with these type of banners. So let me tell you why blocking advertisement from the browser is very good thing. Here are the reasons.

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Advantages of blocking advertisement

  1. It takes extra time to load on webpage. So working with Adblock can can save your time
  2. Some website contains Malware And harmful content. When you click on it , it can damage or destroy(sometimes) your system. Adblocker will remove those ads from any website.
  3. One can block advertisement form Youtube also.
  4. One can save his/her Facebook & Gmail account form being hacked by Phishing(Type Of Hacking).

How to enable AdBlock in PC chrome ?

Click here to enable AdBlock in your PC chrome browser

How to enable AdBlock in PC firefox ?

Click here to enable AdBlock in your PC firefox browser

How to enable AdBlock in Mobile?

Download this App - AdBlock Browser for Android

Easy method for Firefox users

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