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Boost Your Smartphone With These Simple Techniques


Nowadays everybody use smartphones and also they are suffering from their phone's speed.. You have faced many times when you are using too many application at a time your phone got hang and became slow.. If you have good RAM (Random Access Memory) and good internal storage you might have no problem with your smartphone's speed..

So here these are simple techniques to boost your smartphone...

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  1. If your smartphone has less than 2 GB of RAM then you should use High Speed Memory Card ( SD Card ) with high memory like 32gb , 64gb etc that will boost your smartphone..

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  3. This technique is for all users who have high/low RAM or internal storage .... Now take a PenDrive and buy an OTG Cable then connect your PenDrive and Smartphone ... PenDrive will have some RAM and Smartphone has also RAM .. So when it will connect to your smartphone your phone will get more speed..

  4. Delete Unwanted Songs , Videos , apps and more.
  5. Do not download games having size more than 1 GB
  6. Update your apps regularly.
  7. Check System Update

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